Vin Diesel to Play Vision in Marvel Universe? That's the Rumor...

A rumor has hit the web that Vin Diesel could end up playing the character Vision in Marvel's cinematic universe. This is purely speculation, but for fun and the sake of discussion, just roll with it.

A couple of days ago the actor updated his Facebook profile photo with the Vision character. 

Diesel is known for using his social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter to tease information to his fans about upcoming projects and films he's working on. Most recently he's used it for his new Riddick movie. My question is why would he post a picture of Vision on his Facebook page in the first place?

Many believe he did it as a way to let his fans know that he's going to be playing Vision in an upcoming Marvel film, or that maybe he's in talks with the studio to play the character. It could also very well be that the actor just likes the Vision. Diesel didn't have the image up for very long, his profile has now been updated with his face.

I could actually see him taking on the role, so it would be cool if he did end up playing the character. So what do you think? Is the actor teasing his fans with some information? Screwing our heads? Do you even think he would be a good fit for the character?

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