GeekStarter - HAUNTED - A Cool Found Footage Film

Here is a new feature that I thought up to feature geeky Kickstarter projects called GeekStarter. Horror movies and genre films are very important to GeekTyrant, as you may know we also have TerrorTrant. Haunted is a unique found footage thriller presented in a quad-screen, real-time format. It is pretty damn cool, and deserves your support!

Official Synopsis:

Andrew, a film student at the University of Michigan, is tagging along with a team of paranormal investigators to document their process for a school project. At first things go according to plan, but as the night progresses, things begin to spiral out of control. As the night progresses, it becomes clear that something in the house doesn't want them there. Taking a unique approach to the concept of "found footage" HAUNTED is presented in a quad-screen/real-time format, showing the audience everything that is occurring inside the house all at once.

Check out a promo trailer for the movie:

Here is a note about the trailer from the director:

 The promo trailer you see above doesn't include any footage from the film. Shot on a budget of literally $0, it is designed to give you an idea of how the film will look on the big screen. A few have commented on it, stating that the "doors opening and closing" has been done to death, but rest assured, this is only a SMALL part of the overall film. Unlike many that choose to use it as a simple scare device, we use it as a means to explain why things are happening in the house, and why the malevolent spirit does what he does.

About the Filmmakers

Brad McHargue and Dan Weissenberger – Writer/Director 

After graduating from Florida State with an MA in Classical Civilizations, Brad McHargue turned his attention to writing about horror on his now-defunct blog I Love Horror. Since then, he has contributed his work to numerous websites, including HorrorSquad by Cinematical, Bloody Disgusting, Dread Central, Fangoria, and The AV Club - Denver/Boulder. HAUNTED marks his first foray into screenwriting, guided and perfected by the talent of Dan Weissenberger, a screenwriter working and living in Ottawa, Ontario. His brash, uncompromising, and incredibly honest critiques of horror films have made him a trustworthy voice, and one that won’t be swayed by popular opinion. Together they seek to bring their unique vision of horror to life. 

Here is a video introduction for the project:

If you want to help make Haunted a reality, support this project today!

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