Crazy Expensive Batman and Bane Diesel Watches

Here are Limited Edition Batman and Bane watches from Diesel. The designers at Diesel did a good job of being very subtle in how they incorporated the designs of Chris Nolan's Batman and Bane costumes from The Dark Knight Rises into the time pieces. But it's almost so subtle that it doesn't justify the $325 dollar price tag. Yeah, it's not as tacky as a digital watch with Batman's face on it, but I feel like you could stick different logos on these and you'd have no idea that it was supposed to be a Batman-themed watch. Separate pieces of "armor" over a mesh weave for the strap? Would that have been too hard? They nailed the top of Bane's mask with the grommets on the strap, but Bane's mouth piece is what should have been implemented. As cool as these are, I'd rather spend that money on Hot Toys versions of these characters.

The watches will hit the market in November, but are available now for preorder at Watchismo.

This SBA (Super Bad Ass) style features a blackened stainless steel case with hidden under-bezel LED lamps that light the dial in a powerful glow.  Industrial designed rubber strap emulates the Batsuit.

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