Fan-Made Life Size Working WALL-E Robot

Pixar fan Mike Senna has spent the last two years of his life building a life size Wall-E robot that actually works! He built the whole thing out for scratch from the ground up, and it turned out awesome! 

Senna is a computer programmer that lives in Orange County, CA. Before Wall-E, in 2003, he built a life size working R2-D2. This was before the time everyone was building them. And he took it around showing it off to kids in hospitals. He enjoyed the reaction of the kids so much, that he wanted to build something a little more personable. He spent 25 hours a week after his day job for two years building Wall-E, and it looks like it was worth it! The Pixar robot turned out perfect, and he did it without any blueprints. Well done Mike! 

I hope you enjoy the video below!



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