Awesome Movie Spaceship Chart Poster Design

ArtPoster by Joey Paur

Toy photographer Avanaut found a bunch of his old childhood toy spaceships from various movie and TV series in his cellar, took some photos, and created this extremely cool chart poster design. Here's his explanation of how this poster came to exist...

A while ago I ran into a box of old spaceships of mine in our cellar, I photographed a few of them and thought it would be nice to document them all while at it. I found a total of 11 spaceships (not including the numerous LEGO ships) in our house, most are my oldies, a couple of them belong to the kid. I shot all of them straight from the bow to capture their character.

Hopefully sometime in the near future he'll start selling prints of these. I seriously wish I had some of my old toys that I grew up with. I just wasn't as careful with mine as Andy was in Toy Story. I did have my Sid moments though. I used to staple my action figures to a fence in my back yard and use them as target practice with my BB gun. I'm sorry!


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