Kids Emotionally Traumatized by THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN

Check out this insanely intense video showing the emotional reaction of a couple of little boys who had just watched the new Disney movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green. They spoil the end of the movie in the video, but who cares... it's worth watching. Sometimes it's just hard not to laugh at the expense of others. One of my little girls gets very emotional during some movies when there is a sad scene and will cry, but nothing like what you are about to watch in this video. Here's a note from one of the parents,

The ads for The Odd Life of Timothy Green bill it as the "feel good movie of the season". As you will see by the reaction of my two sons, they beg to differ....

Now I actually want to see the movie. Have you ever gotten this emotional over a movie? What is one movie that you've cried in? Braveheart gets me everytime.