DUMB AND DUMBER Sequel Plot Reveled

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are both coming back to reprise their roles as Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas for a sequel to the Bobby and Peter Farrelly hit comedy Dumb and Dumber. Needless to say that it will be very interesting to see these two ridiculous characters back on the big screen in a new crazy adventure. 

Digital Spy recently talked to Bobby Farrelly about the movie, and in the process revealed a little bit of info on the movie's plot saying, 

I can tell you that there is no growth out of either one of them and it's 20 years later... these guys are in regular life and they're still basically children at heart. The story revolves around the fact that one of them may have sired a child. They want to go and find the child because he's having a kidney problem and he wants to ask him for one of his kidneys. 

That definitely sounds like something these two knuckleheads would do. I'm happy to hear that they haven't matured at all. I think it will make seeing them back in action even more funny.

Farrelly also revealed that the plan is to start shooting the movie next spring, with a release in the fall. I thought Dumb and Dumber was hilarious, especially when I was younger. It's been years since I've seen it, but with the current memory I have of the original movie in my head, I'm excited to see what the sequel will bring!

Are you looking forward to seeing Carrey and Daniels acting like a couple of idiots?

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