VIDEODROME Remake to be Directed by Adam Berg

Movieby Joey Paur

Commercial director Adam Berg is in talks to direct his first feature film, which happens to be an unnecessary remake of David Cronenberg's 1983 film Videodrome. I'm sorry, but no one can make this movie like Cronenberg did.

The original twisted film starred James Woods as the head of Civic TV Channel 83, and to make his station relevant he airs a series that depicts torture and murder that transfixes viewers called Videodrome. Of course they are going to change it up a bit. Universal's plan is to "modernize the concept, infusing it with the possibilities of nano-technology and blow it up into a large-scale sci-fi action thriller."

Berg's name might sounds familiar to you as he was at one point attached to direct the the Deadpool movie for Fox. That movie doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

What do you all think about Berg possibly directing the new this Videodrome remake? What do you think about Videodrome being remade in the first place? Here's some of the commercials Berg has directed during his career. 

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