Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington in Talks to Star in CANDY STORE

Syriana director Stephen Gaghan is prepping up to direct his next film project called Candy Store, and Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington are in talks to star in it. Jamie Foxx is also interested in one of the roles in the film as well.

Candy Store is described by THR "as a 'two-hander' crime thriller with meaty roles for the two main characters. A highly trained, deep cover operative starts his life over in Brooklyn as a beat cop only to discover the global organization he was dedicated to fighting is also operating in his new backyard." Damn, that's some crap luck right there. He will obviously once again involve himself in what is going on, and try to stop them. 

Gaghan is mostly known as a screenwriter, and won an Academy Award for writing Steven Soderbergh's Traffic in 2000. This would be his biggest film project since Syriana, especially with such high profile actors involved. This sounds like a solidly good movie project for everyone involved. I like these kinds of movies so it has my attention. 

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