Eli Roth's THANKSGIVING Slasher Movie is Still Happening

MovieEli Rothby Joey Paur

I'm sure most of you remember Eli Roth's grindhouse trailer for a fake slasher horror film called Thanksgiving. Well, we've been hearing for years that he was going to turn it into a feature film like Robert Rodriguez did with Machete. It's been so long since we've heard anything on the Thanksgiving movie that I just figured it was dead. Well, it's not, Roth is currently working on the script with the writer of Clown.

In a recent interview with Behind The Thrills Roth is asked about the movie, and fills us in on where the project currently stands,

Dude, it's gonna happen. I'm working with the CLOWN writers on it. We have a call scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Jeff Rundell, my co-writer and I have a very extensive treatment. We finally cracked the story and how to make it really really scary, and the reason to do it, and I'm really excited about it. So the CLOWN script was one of the best scripts I've ever read, and we're like 'before Jon [Watts] shoots CLOWN, he has a window.' Chris Ford, who's movie ROBOT & FRANK just opened... Chris and John are going to write the screenplay with me and my partner Jeff, so we'll have a screenplay soon.

I'm down for a really, really scary movie about Thanksgiving! The grindhouse trailer is incredibly dark, twisted and uncomfortably funny... it will make for a great movie! If you haven't seen it yet check it out below, but just so you know, it's not safe for work.

Do you like the concept of a grindhouse-style Thanksgiving horror flick? 

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