FIREFLY - 10th Anniversary Celebration Poster Art

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Firefly, one of the greatest shows that ever graced our TV's, graphic designer Jeff Halsey created this awesome piece of poster art. 

The series only lasted one season with 14 episodes before it was cancelled. That my friends was a sad day. It was such a great series, and just ahead of its time. The series is more popular now than ever before. The artist had this to say,

[Firefly] taps into the themes of freedom and creating a family that really resonate with me. The show may have been short-lived, but the 'Verse will live on. I feel this poster is a reminder of that feeling and is a love letter to my favorite show.

You can own one of these for yourself if you want for about $20 bucks. It's the same size as a movie poster measuring 27" x 40", and is printed on 100-pound, satin-finish paper. Click here to buy one.



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