Sam Raimi on EVIL DEAD and Reveals He's Writing Another Horror Film!

Earlier this week Bruce Campbell revealed that he saw a cut of the Evil Dead remake directed by Fede Alvarez, and he seemed to really like it. He said it was "definitely fabulous," and when asked about what the fans would think he explained,

...we appreciate their anger and their zeal, but the only thing we want to impress upon them is that we didn't screw it up. This is going to be just as memorable as [the original] Evil Dead without being the same movie. 

Now producer Sam Raimi has added his two cents in an interview with STYD, revealing that he's also seen a cut of the film, and gives his thoughts on it saying,

I saw a really early incomplete thing that was before the editor's cut.  He still had three weeks to shoot and it was great.  It was really scary, gut-wrenching, low budget and I think it's going to be a great horror film.  I read what Bruce said [yesterday] and I can't remember what he said, something like '[Fede] didn't just repeat what we had done.'  He took the flavor, the way in which the original affected people and made his own movie.  It's really a great combination, I'm super excited about it. He also got great performances from the actors.

I've got to say that I'm super excited for it as well! The exact quote from Campbell that Raimi couldn't remember was...

You don't want to remake something shot-for-shot. I can't believe they remade Psycho - what the hell kind of a waste of celluloid is that? It's a creative medium. 

I think it great the creative team behind the original Evil Dead film love what they've seen of the remake. Does the fact that they think the movie looks great help give you a more positive opinion of the movie? 

I'm a big fan of Raimi's horror films, and I've been hoping he goes back to making more. In the interview he is asked if he will ever go back to the genre that started his career, and he revealed that a script is being written now for one!

I've been given a lot of great breaks and surrounded myself with some great artists.  And I'm thrilled to be making these bigger budget pictures and I know that won't last forever because Hollywood is a popularity thing.  You're in one minute and out the next and there are always new directors being hired.  But I'm thrilled to be making bigger budget movies for the studio, it's a blast.  I'll put Oz The Great and Powerful in that category.  I'd like to make another horror movie, I'm writing one with my brother right now.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I love that crowd, for that original audience I was speaking of, and have it be successful.  To do something they like, when a horror crowd really likes your movie, it's so much fun.  Telling a ghost story to guys that like ghost stories and they're getting scared, it's the greatest thing in the world for me.

It's great to hear that he'll be back to make another horror movie... when he gets around to it. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what he has cooking.

Are you excited about the Evil Dead remake and Raimi planning on making a new horror movie?

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