Clive Owen to Replace Hugh Laurie in ROBOCOP?

It's been reported that House star Hugh Laurie is no longer attached to play the villain in MGM's remake of Robocop, which is a shame. I really wanted to see him in the film. Deadline is reporting that MGM is talking to a small group of actors to replace Laurie in the film, one of those actors included is Clive Owen.

The movie will retell the origin story of Robocop, in which The Killing's Joel Kinnaman stars as the badass cop who is violently gunned down, and turned into robot crime fighter for justice. If Owen is cast he will play the villainous CEO of Omni Corp, who creates Robocop for his own gain.

The movie also stars Gary Oldman as the scientist who creates him, Abbie Cornish who plays his conflicted wife and Samuel L. Jackson who plays a patriotic media mogul. Jackie Earle Haley and Jay Baruchel are also in the film.

Owen is also a good choice to play the villain, but who else do you think would make a good Robocop villain?

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