SCOTT PILGRIM - This Ramona Flowers Cosplay Makes Up for Her Crazy Ex-Boyfriends

What can be said about the hit movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? Definitely one of those movies that made fans of the graphic novels happy, as well as gamers because of the tone of the movie. 

If you are unfamiliar with the movie or graphic novels, to make it simple Scott ends up catching feelings for this very cute and somewhat wierd girl named Ramona. Only thing is, Ramona has bunch of crazy ex-boyfriends (and even some girls) who aren't quite ready to move on yet. Scott must defeat these people in order to be with Ramona. The end. 

Sure, there is much more to the story than that, but hey... that's the quick version. 

Anyways, check out this great cosplay by Abbie Soule on DeviantArt. She is dressed like Ramona and looks like she is ready to help her new crush defeat some of those crazy ex's. 

Do you think they should make another Scott Pilgrim movie?

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