Adrien Brody to play Villain in MOTOR CITY

Adrien Brody is in negotiations to replace Gary Oldman as the villain in Dark Castle's thriller Motor City. The movie is being directed by Albert Hughes, and also stars Gerard Butler. Oldman ended up leaving the project due to scheduling conflicts. 

The thriller is about a felon who is framed and sent to prison. Years later when he's released from prison he tracks down the men who framed him so he can exact revenge and get back the woman he loves. Brody will play the villain in the film who is a kingpin-type character who's pulling the strings and "has his hooks into the woman."

The film starts production September 17th in Atlanta, and Warner Bros. plans on releasing it in April. Brody was most recently seen in Sony Classics' Midnight in Paris.

Is it just me or is Brody's career on a downward spiral? He really hasn't had a good role since The Brothers Bloom.