BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - Awesome Rare 1979 Poster Art

"Before there was earth there was a great war."

Check out this fantastic piece of rare poster art created by legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie for the 1979 theatrical release of the pilot of the original Battlestar Galactica TV series. I'd love to own a print of this poster art, it's just so cool!

Universal Studios edited the original pilot down from its three hour running time so they could release it in theaters to try and recoup some of the high production costs of making the series. I would have loved to see this up on the big screen! 

Originally named Saga of a Star World, the pilot sets up the backstory of the 1,000 year war between a colony of humans living in a distant cosmos and the robotic race known as Cylons, who wish to wipe out the entire human race. The humans are betrayed by a traitor known as Baltar (John Colicos) who helps the Cylons launch a surprise attack during a supposed armistice between the two sides. The assault almost wipes out all 12 of the human colonies, with only the Galactaca surviving along with a bunch of smaller civilian ships. The fleet sets off on a journey across the galaxy in search of their long-lost sister civilisation, our planet Earth, with the Cylons in hot pursuit.

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