Is Sony Making A Movie About The Console Wars?

To answer the question posed in the headline - we're not quite sure, but signs are pointing to "yes." Fusible noticed that Sony Pictures Entertainment has registered a bevy of domain names involving various aspects of the phrases "console wars" and "movie," so it's possible that we could be seeing video game battles playing out behind the scenes in board rooms instead of on fictional battlefields or raceways.

There are a ton of questions that this brings up, because the company has yet to make an official statement or announcement about a film like this. First off, what years and which consoles will they be covering? Sega vs. Nintendo? Sony (Playstation) vs. Microsoft (XBox)? Atari vs. Kee Games? With a couple different Steve Jobs biopics in the works right now, tech is definitely in the forefront of Hollywood's mind.

Kris Tapley from InContention recently tweeted that he heard rumor that this story was set up to be "The Social Network of video gaming," which makes sense considering the success and prominence of David Fincher's look at Facebook from 2010. But, as Geeks of Doom's writer Adam Frazier put it, "Why would Sony make a movie about a war they're losing? [That's] like WCW making a movie about Monday Night Raw." Pretty apt comparison if you ask me, but with the Playstation 4 set for release in competition with the XBox 720 next year, perhaps Sony knows something we don't. Or maybe that points to the fact that this will be about some earlier console wars instead of PS vs. XBox.

This is all in the very early stages right now, so we'll keep you posted with more details as they come up. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts. What would you like to see in a Console Wars movie?

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