Jon Turteltaub to Direct Odd Olympic Swimming Movie BEACHED

Movieby Joey Paur

National Treasure director Jon Turteltaub will be directing an Olympic swimming movie called Beached for Fox 2000. This isn't your normal inspirational true story though, there's a little twist that makes the movie sound kind of silly.

The the film "centers on a chubby 4-year-old child who falls overboard during a family outing, is raised by whales and goes on to become an Olympic swimmer." Wait, I think that actually might be the story of how Michael Phelps learned how to swim so well. Isn't it? 

Apparently this movie has been trying to get made since 1997! The original script was written by Ocean's Eleven screenwriter Ted Griffin. I imagine the popularity of the Olympic swimming events this year made the studio want to pull the trigger on this movie again. Does it sound like a good movie to you?