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Throughout posting the numerous news items and articles you see on Geektyrant on a daily basis the editors and staff still have time to geek out and converse in the GT chatroom. Sometimes this leads to obscenity and dialogue so dark the words shake us to the very core of our souls and forever change us, and other times it's worth sharing with you! Today our topic is Star Wars concepts and ideas we would like to see developed into films! 


Young Han Solo Movie... Possible Titles YOLO or Smug Life.

Okay those titles suck, but the concept would be awesome. I've been curious about the life of young Han Solo ever since his introduction in Episode IV. We could see how he first met Chewbacca, the Millenium Falcon before it became a "hunk of junk", and the infamous Kessel Run. Solo wasn't the most honorable of men before he joined the Rebel Alliance so it would be cool to see a movie with a non-Jedi walking that neutral line in a world of Light and Dark sides and operating in the underground of the Star Wars universe.

One glaring problem with this? Harrison Ford is and looks considerably older than his black vest days and would unquestionably have to be re-casted with a younger actor. I don't feel this would be a big problem to fans of the franchise as it wouldn't be an incredible stretch to say Solo would looked a little different in his younger years. My vote for a young Solo would go to Joseph Gordon Levitt, but Eli suggested Garret Hedlund (pictured above). Both would be a recipe for success in my opinion.


A Movie about the Stormtrooper that hit his Head on the Doorway.

Another terrible title, but aren't you the least bit curious to know the story behind the Stormtrooper that hit his head while walking through the doorway on the Death Star? Wasn't he a little tall for a Stormtrooper? Maybe that's because he wasn't really a Stromtrooper either! Luke and Han were running around in the Death Star in Stormtrooper gear, who's to say he was some other guy from from across the galaxy who tried to infiltrated the Empire to help take them down? The Death Star is a very big place and the galaxy is even bigger!

Hitting his head completely blew his cover though. He hoped no one saw, but they did... everyone saw. How many Stormtroopers hit their heads in a doorway? None, that's how many. He's the only one, and I imagine shortly after the poor guy was thrown in a holding cell and tortured for information with that floating ball with the needle. You know what sucks even more? He was still in the Death Star when Luke Skywalker blew it up. Damn.



Shadows of the Empire

Shadows of The Empire takes place in between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi. It covers such events as: Luke's continued training as a Jedi Knight, Darth Vader's hand in stopping the assassination of his son while fighting to maintain his own position as Emperor Palpatine's right hand man, and Leia and Chewbacca hunting down Boba Fett as he tries to deliver Han Solo frozen in carbonite to Jabba The Hutt. It also introduced a few new characters, like the Han Solo-esque Dash Rendar, the evil Prince Xizor, and the oh so awesome looking Swoop Riders.

I read the novel several times as a kid. But I never realized that I wasn't getting the whole story. Only after reading the book, the Dark Horse comic series, and playing the N64 game, would someone get the complete story.

I'd love to see a 3D animated or mo-cap telling of this chapter in the Star Wars saga. If you did it this way you could get all the original players back. Sure, Carrie Fisher  sounds like she's smoked a lifetime of cigarettes too many. But this group of Star Wars actors spoke like real people, from real places - not with some weird pseudo British monotone accent. Also, this film would jump into action and drama, and end with action and drama. No lulls or political debates. I think this would be the ultimate Star Wars movie!



**Got any ideas of your own? Post them below!

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