Will the JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Launch the New Batman Reboot?

Warner Bros. just needs to start locking things down on their upcoming Justice League movie, because the rumors and speculation surrounding it are getting out of hand. But that's the nature of the internet. The most recent rumor, other than this one, included the studio wanting Brett Ratner to direct the film. That just made me roll my eyes in disgust. 

Now Batman on Film is reporting that the Justice League movie might serve as a launching point for The WB's new Batman reboot. Justice League is definitely going to happen before we see another Batman film, and here's what the site reports,

Said reboot will come after the JL film, not before. Therefore, the new cinematic Batman will be introduced in the JL film as opposed to a solo film. This would, according to my industry "FOBOF," assure the new Batman film series will be part of a "DC Cinematic Universe."

Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall is currently scripting the film, so he is the one who will set the tone for the Batman reboot. Now if this is really Warner Bros.' plan then I would assume that Justice League will also serve as a launching point for all of the other superheros in the DC Universe like The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and even Green Lantern, which the studio is also looking to reboot already. I'm not sure about Superman though, unless Man of Steel ends up connecting to Justice League.

Marvel built up the cinematic universe one character at a time, and worked their way up to The Avengers. DC and Warner Bros. has the opportunity to do the exact opposite. They can launch their new DC superhero franchises with Justice League and branch them out into individual character movies. 

Keep in mind that this all just a rumor and speculation, but it makes sense to me, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is how the DC cinematic universe is handled from here on out.

What do you think of Justice League possibly being a launching point for Batman, and the studio's other DC comics characters?