AVENGERS Deleted Scenes Feature Captain America and Stan Lee

Marvel is going crazy with the deleted scenes and special features for The Avengers Blu-ray. They've released yet other deleted scene from the film that features Steve Rogers and Stan Lee's Cameo. 

The scenes that have been released for this movie have all be really good, and its interesting to see how much they would have changed the tone of the movie, like the alternate opening we posted yesterday. This latest clip gives us a completely different introduction to Captain America in which Steve Rogers is processing the time he's missed, looking through and researching the fates of his friends, and trying to learn how to live in a modern world. We also see Stan Lee's original cameo, and the introduction of the waitress played by Ashley Johnson who is later saved by Captain America.

I actually love this clip, it take us a little deeper into the mind of Rogers and what he's dealing with as a man out of time. Watch the clip and tell us if you like this introduction of Rogers.

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