Han Solo in Carbonite Custom Guitar

Star Wars custom anything is usually worth a look. This is a custom Han Solo in Carbonite guitar created by Travis Stevens. The custom 6 string was crafted for Evanescence's Ben Moody (pictured below). As much as I love me some Star Wars, I don't think I would really want something like this. I own more than half a dozen guitars, and my favorites to play are the ones that just feel the most comfortable. And this frozen piece of human body looks like a pain to hold, especially with all the tone controls at the top. Then again, if I had money to blow, I would in all honesty, probably own some crazy guitars and just hang 'em up! 'See, still got the old tagger on it... never even played it.'

Feel free to shred, but keep in mind that if you throw down some face melting licks, you may also melt the carbonite. Hmmm, design flaw?

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