Jimmy Fallon to Host the Oscars?

I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest Jimmy Fallon fan, I never really found his sense of humor that funny. But that's just me, I know he's got his devoted followers and fans. According to the L.A. Times, Fallon is currently in talks to host the Oscars, which in my opinion is a terrible idea. I would seriously hate to sit through a few hours of Fallon mumbling his way through the show. If they want a late night host why not go for Conan? They can't have Jimmy Kimmel because he's already set to host the Emmy Awards, and is contractually bound from hosting the Oscars.

Apparently Tom Sherak, who recently left as President of the Motion Picture Academy, thought Fallon was the best candidate to host, and SNL producer Lorne Michaels was chosen to produce. Hawk Koch replaced Sherak as president, and according to the report Fallon and Michaels are still in talks, but nothing is set in stone. But it's something that could happen. 

There is a little problem with this whole thing though, ABC doesn't want Fallon to host the Oscars because he works for the rival NBC network.

ABC is owned by Disney, and Disney chief executive Bob Iger is said to be unhappy with the idea of showcasing Fallon, whose show competes with ABC's late-night show featuring Jimmy Kimmel. Fallon and Kimmel are in a neck-and-neck competition for viewers.

It doesn't really matter what ABC thinks though because but they have no authority to veto the choice of host. Would you like to see Fallon host the Oscars? If not, who would be your top choice? 

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