Full Size Go-Kart Made Entirely Out of LEGO

GearLEGOby Eli Reyes

Someone's built an entire house out of LEGO. Rolls Royce built a jet engine made out of LEGO. So a LEGO vehicle that can actually move shouldn't be too far of a stretch right? I roll around in bed faster than this thing, but it does move. Ya gotta give Eric Seenstra credit for that. Keep in mind too that he built this go-kart entirely out of LEGO products. So when his kid is driving it and only one brick shoots off, it's pretty impressive. I half expected to see all the wheels pop off and the kid lying in a pile of bricks at the end.

Eric is currently developing the steering unit. Which is, ya know... pretty essential. I'm excited to see how this turns out when it's finished!

For more photos click here.

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