Heath Ledger's Joker Recreated in CGI

One of the major questions people were asking themselves when Christopher Nolan began work on The Dark Knight Rises was how would the Joker figure into the next Batman film, considering Oscar-winning Heath Ledger had passed away. Rumors abounded that Nolan would use CGI to recreate Ledger's performance with the help of unused audio takes of Ledger and a body double. Eventually, this was all settled when the final film included no reference to the Joker whatsoever. A few fan made storyboards popped up here and there including a minor Joker cameo.

However, a VFX student named Max Wahyudi took it upon himself to recreate the infamous visage of Ledger's Joker in CG form. This reminds me a lot of when visual effects company Rhythm and Hues were commissioned to recreate Marlon Brando's performance as Jor-El in Superman Returns. If this guy hasn't been hired by a major effects studio, he should be. Take a look at his artistic process in the link below! How well does the CG Joker hold up?

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