Michael Fassbender To Join Natalie Portman in JANE GOT A GUN


There are few stars in Hollywood rising as fast as Michael Fassbender. With each film, he gains new fans from comic book geeks (X-Men: First Class), lovestruck women (Shame), Soderbergh aficianados (Haywire) and Ridley Scott's -- well, a lot of people loathed Prometheus. Still, he's a clearly talented actor and his latest project sends him back to the West (a film hopefully better than Jonah Hex), titled Jane Got a Gun, starring and produced by Academy Award-winner Natalie Portman.

Set in the Wild West, Jane (Portman) is married to an outlaw who returns home, badly shot up and left for dead by the fellow criminals he once trusted. Seeking vengeance, Jane enlists the help of a former lover to assist her in the ensuing fight to save her farm. Fassbender would take the role of the former lover.

Fassbender is about to finish up filming Ridley Scott's The Counselor, and is expected to go into production on Jane by the end of the year. Portman is also about to start filming of Thor: The Dark World, reprising her role of Jane Foster. Are you ready to see Fassbender ride off into the sunset in Jane Got a Gun?

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