Jennifer Lawrence to Star in THE ENDS OF THE EARTH

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is in discussions with The Weinstein Company to star in the epic love story, The Ends of the Earth.  Lawrence would take on the role of Lydie Marland. The movie is based on a true story that follows a powerful oil tycoon named  Ernest Marland who ends up losing everything after engaging in a controversial love affair with his adopted daughter Lydie. Yeah, I think that's kind of frowned upon in society.

The script was written by Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio, and as of right now, no director is attached to the project. Weinstein had this to say in a statement, 

I'm not sure that anything resonates more with an audience than a true story. Jennifer Lawrence shows the skill of a seasoned veteran in everything she does, and we're thrilled to work with her again.

Lawrence has proven herself to be an extremely talented actress, especially with Winter's Bone, and this seems like a solid role for her to take. It could also end up earning her some award nominations. It sounds like an interestingly strange love story that will make for a solid movie. 

Here's a little more detailed information on Lydie Marland:

An American socialite, was born Lyde Miller Roberts in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, the second child of Margaret Reynolds (Collins) and George Frederick Roberts. Her parents decided to give up her and her brother for adoption as teenagers by their maternal aunt and uncle, Virginia and Ernest Whitworth Marland, who were both childless and fabulously wealthy from his success in the oil business in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Two years after Virginia Marland died in 1926, E. W. annulled the adoption of Lydie Roberts Marland and they married. She was 28 and he was 54. Lydie Roberts Marland enjoyed volatile times and drastic changes in fortune with her husband: he lost much of his money in 1928; she accompanied him to Washington, DC after he was elected to the US Congress in 1932, and to the Oklahoma governor's mansion as his First Lady in 1934.

After his term, they lived in the chauffeur's cottage of their former mansion and sold the house and grounds. Following his death in 1941, Lydie Marland became more reclusive and in the 1950s disappeared from Oklahoma for more than a decade. She returned to Ponca City for her later years, and succeeded in having the Marlands' Palace on the Prairies purchased and preserved by the city.

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