Kevin Costner to Join JACK RYAN and THREE DAYS TO KILL?

After watching the History Channel miniseries Hatfields & McCoys I knew that Kevin Costner's career was going to blow up again. He was so awesome in that series, and I'm kind of surprised his career took a dive in the first place. Yeah he made some bad movies, but who hasn't? He's always been a solid actor, and it's good to see that there's potential for him to make a comeback because of it.

Costner is currently up for two big movie roles that are sure to help boost his career. According to Deadline the actor has been offered the co-lead role in the Kevin Branagh's Jack Ryan film with Chris Pine. "The Jack Ryan role is a new creation, but a close cousin to the role of CIA bigwig Admiral Greer that was played by James Earl Jones in Patriot Games. Costner’s role is being invented because Jones will likely be in the prequel, but essentially Costner would play Ryan’s mentor who recruits him and shows him the ropes."

He's also been offered the lead role in Luc Besson’s Three Days To Kill, in which he would play a dying assassin named Ethan Renner. The story is set in France, and Costner would play "a government assassin who is dying. Before he goes, he is determined to reconcile with his daughter, while taking on one final mission." The movie will most likely end up being directed by McG. 

Costner will also be seen in the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel in which he was perfectly cast as Jonathan Kent. I hope he ends up taking these other movie roles, I think they would be great characters and films for him to get his career back on track and on an upswing. What are your thought's on Costner in general, and would you like to see more of him in the movies? 

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