Super Trippy LILO & STITCH Eye Makeup Art

Art by Eli Reyes

We've posted many of the eye makeup designs of Jangsara. They're always geek-themed and masterfully executed. This design of Stitch from Disney's Lilo & Stitch requires the most double takes. Usually her designs just borrow certain elements or color schemes, but this one utilizes the entire character and uses the eyeball in a very distracting way. I wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with someone with this painted around their eyes. I would just stare at their eyes and imagine Stitch talking whenever they would blink. Then I would yell, "Shut up you alien!!! I don't care what you think the definition of family is!" But that's just me.

This eyeball as the mouth approach opens up a whole new avenue of trippy designs. If she did Mike Wazowski from Mosters, Inc. that would look insane! What other character eye make-up would you like to see done this way?

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