Ben Affleck Not Directing JUSTICE LEAGUE

Earlier today news broke that Warner Bros. wanted Ben Affleck to direct their Justice League movie. They sent over screenwriter Will Beall's script to see if he would be interested. The report implied that he might actually end up taking the gig, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. According to Deadline, Affleck passed on the project a couple of days ago, but still might take a meeting with executives to hear them out. The site does stress throughout the article that Affleck isn't going to end up doing it though.

So we have two conflicting articles, one says it might happen, the other says it won't. Should be interesting to see how this story evolves from here. 

I think it would have been cool to see what Affleck would do with this comic book property, but life goes on and there's another director out there that will end up taking on the project, if in fact he doesn't. The only question is... who will that director be? Who is your dream Justice League director? 

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