Villainous Movie Character Popsicle Treats

HumorPhotos by Joey Paur

It's about a 106 degrees outside right now, I'm freakin' hot, and Ice Cream sounds like a great lunch! What better way to cool off than with a villainous popsicle treat in the form of Pinhead, Darth Vader, Freddy, Jason, Predator and Chucky?!

This is all part of a marketing idea from a Moscow-based company called Stoyn, which has come up with a unique and interesting way to market pop culture and products through what they call "ambient marketing." Here's a statement from their website...

We believe that ambient is not just a marketing instrument. Ambient is an art of creating an atmosphere at the junction of advertizing[sic], culture, science and lifestyle. We assert that the idea of the brand can be performed in every kind of shape—is it music, or urban landscape, or food.

This is an example of what they can do with food. According to Wired they "designed and manufactured thousands of these pop-art Popsicles to spur a conversation about the relationship between culture, art, and commerce."

I do have to point out that some of these flavors sound more terrifying than the murderous characters they represent. 

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