Hoverboard Test Footage from BACK TO THE FUTURE II

When I first saw Back to the Future II I wanted Hoverboards to be real so badly! My friends and I would debate on whether the boards were real or not. If you would have asked me back then if we'd have real working hoverboard's board by now, I would have said "Hell yeah! Why wouldn't we, it's the future!" I'm still holding out for hope that we'll see hoverboards by 2015 though!

On the Back to the Future II Blu-ray special features there's some awesome pre-production test footage for the hoverboard board chase sequence in the film. It incredibly cool to see how well these special effects were done after all of these years. 

For those of you who own the Blu-ray for these movies and haven't watched the special features on them yet what are you waiting for!? You're missing out on some great stuff! 

Thanks to /Film for the heads up on this!

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