STAR TREK's "Call Me Maybe" Musical Parody

Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe" sure does have a catchy tune. So catchy in fact that it's caused sci-fi geeks to take the time to painstakingly edit together musical covers of the song using their favorite sci-fi movies and TV series. First there was the Star Wars cover, and now we have this Star Trek: The Next Generation cover of the song created by YouTuber . I think it actually turned out better than the Star Wars version.

On a side note, my little girls listen to this song over and over again throughout the day, and when they aren't listening to it their singing it - the days are getting long. I can't even escape it in the geek world! Even though I'm tired of hearing the song the video is still fun to watch. 

And just for the hell of it... Captain Picard Dancing and Singing.

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