Deadpool LEGO Action Figure is Ready for Action

ArtLEGOby Jim Napier

Earlier this week we shared an Amazing Spider-Man action figure designed by M. McCooey. Here is his follow-up creation for Deadpool.  

Read a description of the figure from Moc Pages:

With Marvel /DC Comics officially in Lego's camp, it seems only natural to start doing more stuff in the superhero genre. I always loved Marvel Legends scale figures because of thier detail and size. Multiple Points of articulation. Dual guns and swords both with holsters and scabbards, grenades, and kunai attached to his leg. My first In my figures series, Deadpool is also a good candidate for a lego set due to his recent surge in popularity and his use in a recent lego set. If you like VOTE and check out my Spider-Man and Batman. Thanks!

Be sure to vote for this action figure here. See even more photos Here and Here

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