Would You Watch a STEP BROTHERS Cartoon Series?

ArtArt Showby Eli Reyes

Here's some amazing Step Brothers art from artist Miranda Dressler. Her character designs would be perfect for a Step Brothers cartoon series. I seriously can't stop thinking about how great that cartoon would be as I look at these pics. Step Brothers was one of those movies that really took me by surprise. It's a film that defnitely gets better with repeat viewings. It had tons of laughs, the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly were really likable as man children, and the supporting cast was outstanding. The supporting characters is also what would make this a cartoon worth watching. Who wouldn't want to see what happens to Prestige Worldwide?But I think it's have to be as crude and vulgar as the film. Cartoon Network or HBO, let's make this happen! 

These pieces are featured at the Step Brothers 4 year anniversary art show in Venice, CA, currently open now through September 22nd. To see more of the art that is featured head on over to /Film. For more information on the exhibit click over to Gallery 1988.

Would you watch a cartoon series based on Step Brothers?

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