SOUL CALIBUR - This Ivy Cosplay is Quite Jaw-Dropping

Soul Calibur has long been one of my favorite franchises. I remember the many long sessions I used to have with fellow college buddies huddled around a Sega Dreamcast playing this game, and being blow away at the graphics at that time.

Then later in life I played other installments of this game, and it still captivated me more than other fighters. Outside of Mortal Kombat, this is definitely one of my favorite games. One of my favorite characters from the game is Ivy. Probably because my friends and I used to think she would yell out "stank ho" when attacking people. Although we never figured out what the hell she was saying, it was still funny to us regardless. 

Take a look at this great cosplay from this years Otakon, featuring Stella Chuu as our favorite sexy fighter, Ivy. You can tell a lot of time went into getting every detail of the character into this costume. 

Now all you guys, pick up your tongue and stop drooling at this pic. 

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