How Bugs Bunny Saved Mel Blanc's Life

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Bugs Bunny is one of the most famous cartoon characters on the planet. Everything about him is lovable: his Brooklyn/Bronx accent, his carefree attitude, and his ability to outwit any foe he comes across. Though he had many creators at Warner Bros., the most important contributor to his success was his voice actor, Mel Blanc, "The Man of 1000 Voices."

However, that voice was almost silenced too soon in 1961. A car accident left Blanc in the hospital in a three week-long coma. Millions of letters came through wishing Blanc well, with some addressed to "Bugs Bunny, Hollywood, USA." After normal attempts at reviving Blanc failed, a creative doctor found a way to reach Blanc's subconcious. Instead of talking to Blanc, the doctor said, "How are you today, Bugs Bunny?" Blanc responded in Bugs' voice. After he recovered, Blanc was told by the doctors and his family that this had occurred. From then on, Blanc was grateful to the character he voiced for saving his life.


Blanc passed away in 1989. On his tombstone, the Porky Pig's famous catchphrase is written, "That's All Folks." He helped inspire new generations of voice actors. Which of Mel Blanc's 1000 famous voices is your favorite?

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