Spider-Man and Deadpool Get Sent to the Principal's Office

In Kevin Shinick's upcoming Avenging Spider-Man comic series, Spider-Man and Deadpool team up and go back to high school where they will obviously wreak havoc. Here's a great piece of art from the series, showing the two characters waiting to see the principal after getting into a fight. 

Shinick has worked on animated series such as Robot Chicken and MAD, and here's what he had to say about his latest project:

Spider-Man to me is the coolest and he’s strong and he’s got chutzpah. But I wanted to put him in a world where the stakes were high because none of that was coming through. He’s not sure where he is, he’s a little uncertain, and he’s paired up with this guy who is a schizophrenic crazy person.

You know Deadpool to me is such an unstable guy and if you’re paired up with him, I would not feel easy about it. If you had to pair up with someone, you know when you go out swimming and they say find a buddy? And someone says to you ‘Alright, Deadpool’s your buddy.’ I’d be like ‘Oh crap. I don’t really trust this guy.

I created and write MAD the animated show and I also come from Robot Chicken. And that was the perfect blend of bringing Spider-Man and Deadpool together because they both represent both of those shows. Deadpool is raunchy and ridiculous, like Robot Chicken. And Spider-Man is friendly, fun and funny like Mad.

What do you think of the art, and Shinick taking on this Avenging Spider-Man project?

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