PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 to Start Shooting in November?

The last thing we heard about Pirates of the Caribbean 5 was a rumor that Johnny Depp was asking for $90-95 million to reprise his role of Captain Jack Sparrow. If that's true, it looks like Depp might have hit a huge payday! 

According to Caribbean Business, Disney has confirmed that the fifth Pirates film will shoot in Puerto Rico (instead of Hawaii, where the majority of the franchise was shot) and that they want to start shooting in November 2012, which would likely make this a summer 2014 release.

The only problem is we still have no idea if Depp or any of the other previous cast members are actually officially signed on to star or if Rob Marshall is going to come back to direct. If this news is true, I'm sure Disney will make an announcement soon. 

The latest bit of info on the film before this comes from Geoffrey Rush, who told Collider a couple of days ago the following,

The best part, for me, has been that the writers have managed to give an evolution to the character. He started out as this spat out from hell villain who was the bad guy and an evil dude. And in the course of the subsequent films, he used those particular powers to become a politician, brokering a G20 summit of pirate lords. In the last film, he went over to the other side and worked for the king. So, on that level, it feels as though I’m going into a new terrain each time, which is terrific. And I believe, in the script that’s being developed for the fifth film, they do it with great care and consideration. The writers and Jerry Bruckheimer, as producer, can’t start a film like this, with a creative team that’s so huge and the amount of money that’s involved, without knowing that the script is in good shape. You can’t start shooting this sort of stuff, if there’s holes in it. But, as to when it will go, I know nothing.

So as far as he knows, the script is still being written. November's coming up pretty fast so they better lock everything down if Disney really plans on shooting the film by then. 

What do you think about all this? Are you even interested in seeing another one of these movies? And do you think Disney would really pay Depp that kind of money!? 

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