Reese/Wernick Sell Robot Space Sci-Fi Script EPSILON to Sony


I love Zombieland, maybe you could tell from an article I wrote earlier this week. It's a clever movie that expertly blends laughs with scares. This is partially due to the brilliant script written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Unfortunately, since then, none of their scripts have reached movie screens. Of course, G.I. Joe: Retaliation is finished but is in the middle of reshoots with Channing Tatum and a 3D post-conversion. Deadpool is still over at 20th Century Fox, with first time director Tim Miller attached to direct, but Ryan Reynolds has found himself without the career he had when the script was written. They also wrote a Venom film with Gary Ross intending to direct before he moved onto The Hunger Games; however, Columbia has showed interest in tying this film together with its new, rebooted Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Reese and Wernick scrapped plans for a Zombieland 2 in order to take the concept back to its original premise: a TV series (with, presumably, none of the original cast involved). One script they sold to Disney, Cowboy Ninja Viking, was deemed too violent for the family-friendly company and was given to Universal. They did team with Bad Robot to write the new draft for the Micronauts movie with J.J. Abrams producing.

However, they've gone back to the studio that made Zombieland, Columbia Pictures, with their newest project: a sci-fi scirpt called Epsilon. The Columbia outbid several other studios such as Warner Bros. and DreamWorks by as much as $1 million to get this thing. The script has been described as "ambitious", with the film set in the aftermath of a robot apocalypse where electricity no longer exists. The robots have moved into orbit on a space station where human beings are now subservient lab rats for the robots to control. However, one human realizes these are not the way things are supposed to be. 

I hope I get to see a new Reese/Wernick film on movie screens very soon. Which of their scripts mentioned here would you most like to see get made?

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