A Close Up Look At What Tony Stark Is Building

If you're reading this post, I'm assuming you've seen already seen The Avengers. There was a pretty big cheer from the audience at the end of the movie, when the camera pans away from Tony Stark and Pepper Potts to show the Stark Tower sign in shambles, with only the "A" left. This was taken as a sign that this was now the Avenger's Tower.

But thanks to Reddit user MrManager28 (via /Film), we can do a CSI-style zoom in at what Tony Stark was working on, and we get a nice little confirmation that this will indeed be the new headquarters for the Avengers.

After the footage we saw at Comic-Con, we know in Iron Man 3 Stark has a bit of a *cough real estate situation with his Malibu mansion. So as /Film points out, Stark may need to head there sooner rather than later. Since nearly every easter egg in a Marvel movie is part of a bigger plan, it'll be interesting to see how Iron Man 3 and the rest of the Phase 2 films will lead us into The Avengers 2. What are your thoughts and theories on this aspect of the Marvel movie universe?

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