Will A Major Character Be Killed off in THOR: THE DARK WORLD?

There's a big rumor that's hit the internet that might be a major spoiler if it turns out to be true. Apparently there's a chance that a major character in Thor: The Dark World will die. If you don't want to know who that character is then I suggest you don't read any further.

According to Bleeding Cool, "a couple of good sources" are saying that a big character might end up being killed off in the film before the end credits roll. One of the sources says that they are “pretty sure” that Anthony Hopkin's Odin won't survive. 

There's some evidence that points to this rumor being true. Odin has died three times in defense of Asgard in the comics. On the first occasion, Odin is killed by Mangog, but is later revived by the goddess of Death Hela to prevent Pluto from claiming him. The second time, the Celestials melt the Destroyer, which at the time holds the life force of Odin and all Asgardians with the exception of Thor. Thor collects a portion of godly energy from each pantheon and uses it to revive Odin, who in turn resurrects all of the Asgardians. The last occasion of death involves a massive battle against the villain Surtur on Earth, this one includes Odin dying once and for all, as the Odin Force, the source of Odin's power, migrates to Thor. Thor believes Odin may be permanently dead this time. The Odin Force appears to him in humanoid form and says that this was Odin's plan all along: that he breaks the cycle.

So, it not out of the question that Odin could die. I guess what has yet to be seen is if Odin will be brought back to life or remain dead. I guess it all depends on if Hopkins wants to reprise the role or not, because you can't replace Hopkins.

The film is currently shooting here in the UK and we'll keep you updated on any new information as it comes. 

What do you think about the possibility of Odin dying in Thor: The Dark World?