Freddie Highmore Cast as Norman Bates in BATES MOTEL

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star Freedie Highmore has landed the lead role as a young Norman Bates in A&E's upcoming new TV series Bates Motel! I would have never thought of casting Highmore as Bates, but now that it's done I can totally see how awesome he's going to be. He's perfect for the role. 

The series is based on Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960's thriller Psycho, and according to executive producer Carlton Cuse (LOST), "Norman might not be what fans expect." He "isn't looking for someone to imitate Perkins, as this series will offer an original, multi-layered take on Hitchcock's classic."

The series tells the story of Bates’ dark, twisted past, from childhood through his teen years. It will chronicle how his mother, Norma, and her lover screwed Norman up, shaping him into the insane serial killer that he became.

Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air, The Departed) was already cast in the role of Norma Louise Bates, who has been described as "a complicated, passionate and compelling woman who is smart, multidimensional and always capable of surprising people."

The series has a great team of talent developing it, and now it's got a solid cast of actors to help bring these crazy characters to life. Highmore got his start in the film Finding Neverland. He's a great young actor that I think has the talent to bring Norman Bates to life again.

Do you think he's a good choice for the part?

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