Geek Taboo: 50 Shades of Pokémon Erotic Fan Fiction

RantPokemonby Mick Joest


As I emerge once again from the depths of the darkest geekiest reaches of the internet, I present another community that has once again eluded the mainstream eye. The world of fan fiction is comprised of many things. Some are artful tellings of a continuing adventure with beloved characters of a forgotten show. There are others that re-tell well known plots with a different twist and intricately weave a "what if" scenario for the reader to throw around inside their mind. A good portion of fan fiction, however, delves in the world of romance. They focus on relationships of well known characters who would not get together otherwise, and as one of the most famous rewritings of a fan fiction 50 Shades of Grey has shown us, things tend to get erotic. Today's geek taboo falls under that category, showing perhaps a double taboo of an unseen relationship between that of a human...and a Pokémon.

It may come as a surprise but there is more or less a community of writers engaged in the writing of such literature, many housed at Besides tapping into the already taboo subject of bestiality, perhaps what sets this literature apart from some of the other erotic Pokémon subjects is that the literature is predominantly pretty much all of it. Take this excerpt from Ash and Pokémon Sex Story in which Ash has helped out his Charizard during his mating season...

He looked at Charizard laying there asleep, and his tail back to [normal]. Ash smiled as he said in a whisper, "I [wonder] how long the Charizard mating season is?" Ash said as yawned and then added, "I'll look it up in the morning." And with that Ash layed next to his new lover and in braset the fire pokemon as he fell a sleep.

There are some stories that tend to get very progressive and tap into the the acceptance of human/pokémon relations. Take this excerpt from Love and Lust: A Pokemon Story in which a young man starts a sexual relationship with a male Buizel (water pokemon) and the two get married. At some point the young man has an affair of sorts with a Quilava, sorts it out, and becomes pregnant with a half human half pokemon child with the Buizel. This section is taken from when the young man returns to his home to show his family for the first time his child that he birthed and his life partner pokémon.

We wasted no time in getting to the house not wanting to spend any more time in this place then we had to and the second we approached the door of the house it opened our entrance had drawn the attention of my now our parents. As the door closed behind us from entering the house our mother gave me a look that was all too familiar which I just returned back as she left entering the kitchen out of sight. We immediately entered the living room and as my father sat down and Latias stood in the door way my father asked about this surprising visit

"its good to see you son but why are you here" as his legs crossed sitting on his favorite chair "I didn't think you where coming back and when Latias came and took the others away there shouldn't be a reason" he continued trying to hide his joys of seeing me again

"don't worry father I wont be staying long I don't want to spend a second longer then I have to in this place" I said with an aggression in my voice

"ok say what you came to say"

"ok I thought you would want to meet your grand son" pointing to Buichu

The look on my fathers face said it all

"you mean you where not kidding when you said you where pregnant and not only that you had it and it's a Pokémon that's a lot to accept son"

"I know it is father I just thought you would like to meet him and to know the one carrying him you know my lover or should I now say life partner"

"you mean you too got…"

"married yeah we did about ten minutes ago we thought we would let you know and now that we have we are heading back to the garden"

"please wait…" he shouted "ergh you see… please take me with you"

"what are you serious" I asked

"yes please I'm your father it be only for a while I want to see where you will be living if that's ok with you"

"ok then" I said sighing as I winked at Buizel "but what about mother" I said looking straight at my father "she would hate it the place is crawling with Pokémon

"I wont be gone that long besides you're my son and I guess" looking at Buizel walking over and placing his hand on his shoulder "you are my son now too so lets go"

Once again we see the theme of homosexuality in the romance. Why is this? Could it perhaps be a generation of young males raised on Pokémon expressing their repressed desires that they feel their families and friends may never accept? What is the deeper message at the root of all this literature? Perhaps there is no deeper message, but I'm inclined to think we've stumbled onto a very unique cultural oddity in geek culture. Perhaps in the future someone with more knowledge than I can tap into the anthropology behind it. For now we chalk it up into another interesting look into the world of geek taboo.

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