New Original Green Goblin Test Reel from Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN

Here's another cool behind the scenes test reel showing off Sam Raimi's original design for the Green Goblin in his Spider-Man film. We showed you a different video featuring this unused design in action earlier this year. This latest video gives us a better look into the creation of the mask, its design and how it works.

This video shows ADI's talented crew creating the test makeup of Green Goblin for Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN. This hybrid animatronic/makeup made use of a silicone skin animated by servos and the facial performance of Tom Woodruff, Jr.

I imagine after Willem Dafoe was cast in the role they decided to scrap this idea because the actors face would have been buried away in the mask. I liked what Raimi ultimately used, but this also is also a pretty awesome design, and looks like something right out of The Evil Dead

Do you like this more faithful version of the Green Goblin more than what Raimi ended up using?