Badass Fan-Made Anime STAR WARS Short!

Drop whatever you're doing and watch this gloriously badass fan-made animated Star Wars short! It was created in a very cool anime style inspired by series such as Space Battleship Yamato, Star Blazers, Robotech and G-Force: Guardians of SpaceThe short features an epic battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. The video mostly focuses on the point of view of the Tie Fighter pilots in full attack. It's kind of sad watching the Rebel Alliance being destroyed.

The short was awesomely created by British YouTube user OtaKing77077, and I wish an official Star Wars anime series like this actually existed. It'd be a huge hit among fans! I'm sure it will eventually reach the eyes of George Lucas, but of course nothing will ever come of it. 

The space dogfight action sequences are synched to the song "Born To Lose" by Sleigh Bells, but it would definitely play better with the original Star Wars musical score. Regardless of the soundtrack, it's still an amazing fan-made short that you're going to love! Check it out and tell us what you think!

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