PROMETHEUS Deleted Scene - The Engineer Speaks

Here's a new deleted scene from Ridley Scott's Prometheus that features the Engineer speaking for the first time. 

The scene takes place when Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) and David (Michael Fassbender) meet the Engineer face to face. In the cut we saw in theaters David talks to the Engineer and then it ends up ripping David's head off. In this version it ends up answering David's question about immortality. Unfortunately, we have no idea what he's saying. 

I'm sure the scene will be included on the Blu-ray/DVD which is set to be released on October 11th. I like that he responds, I wasn't really sure if he understood what David asked in the movie. Watch the clip and let us know if you think it should have been added in the theatrical cut of the film. What do you think of his voice? 

Here's an extended scene right before David gets his head torn off featuring Weyland and his massive ego. Thanks to IGN.

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