Mondo Poster for THE SHINING Documentary ROOM 237

Room 237 is one of the best and most interesting documentaries that I've seen this year. It's based on Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Stephen King's horror story The Shining. It's loaded with all kinds of awesome and crazy conspiracy theories surrounding the film. 

These hidden meanings are explored in nine segments, and it features voice overs from several different Shining fanatics while using footage from Kubrick's movie to show examples of their conclusions. Here's an excerpt from our review

I doubt anyone could find this film boring. The sometimes-insane-but-always-entertaining theories presented are captivating, and though a majority of them sound totally bonkers, occasionally someone brings up a point that makes sense. Personally, I love hearing people's opinions about film (especially if they're wacky) because it makes me analyze the movie in a way I wouldn't have on my own. Ever heard the theory that Ferris Bueller's Day Off takes place completely in Cameron Frye's head? Readings like that - ones that make you rethink what the entire film is doing and how it works - are my favorites, and Room 237 delivers those kinds of ideas in spades.

They touch on the conspiracy theory of Kubrick shooting fake footage of the first moon landing, citing weird facts like room 237 in the film is used on purpose because the moon is 237,000 miles away. 

This is a must see documentary for anyone who is a fan of the film. There's some pretty mind blowing stuff! Here's the synopsis:

ROOM 237 is a subjective documentary feature which explores numerous theories about Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” and its hidden meanings.  This guided tour through the most compelling attempts to decode this endlessly fascinating film will draw the audience into a new maze, one with endless detours and dead ends, many ways in, but no way out.  Discover why many have been trapped in the Overlook for 30 years.

I'm not sure when the movie will be released yet, but IFC Films should release it later this year simultaneously in theaters and VOD. 

Does this sound like something you'd want to see?