RESIDENT EVIL - Ada Wong is Ready to Kill in This Cosplay

Last weekend, Resident Evil: Retribution opened at the number 1 spot to the surprise of many. But to the true gamers out there, this is not surprising at all. The Resident Evil franchise has been one of the most love games despite both its good and bad games (c'mon, I think we can all agree Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City sucked big time). 

Well to hold you over until Resident Evil 6 is released next month, we have this very stunning Ada Wong cosplay  bt Blacklashjo on DeviantArt. As you can see, she is dressed to kill, but looks good while doing so. 

Who is your favorite character from the Resident Evil franchise?

Ada Wong is the pseudonym of an otherwise-unnamed red-clad, secret agent of Chinese heritage. Initially a private agent, Ada was drawn into the intrigue and treachery that is the corporate world when she was recruited by an unidentified organization to participate in their activities against their primary rival, Umbrella, and later moved to another.

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