Is Sylvester Stallone Prepping to Write, Direct and Star in HUNTER?

A few years ago Sylvester Stallone was excited about making a fifth Rambo film that would include the character hunting down a government created, genetically engineered creature in the Pacific Northwest. The idea for the movie actually came from a book called Hunter written by James Byron Huggins. Stallone has owned the rights to this book for years, and at one point thought it would make a great new adventure for Rambo explaining,

The film will be set in the Pacific Northwest. Back in the general area where we first were introduced to John. It seems that somewhere in that Area there is a U.S. Military installation that is doing experiments on elite soldiers as part of some sort of program where they're attempting to tap into that savagery that we have deeply embedded into us. The plan is create brilliantly instinctual killer soldiers that have no qualms about taking life. Sly brought up the ancient Immortals, which were cartoonishly glimpsed in 300. In reality, they were children trained from the time they were infants to kill.

Well as happens with Government Experiments to create the perfect killer - it goes exceptionally well... and then exceptionally badly. And Rambo is brought in with a Black Ops squad ("Like in PREDATOR") to hunt, capture or kill this worse than Rambo killer.

The project obviously never moved forward. Now it looks like the action star is ready to move forward on the story again. According to an article found on Yahoo!,

He is reportedly in talks with Lionsgate to try and get the films in theaters in 2014. Stallone is slated to be involved as a scriptwriter, actor and director for the 3D-slated movie.

This time around it won't include the Rambo character. The version he's developing now will be a straight adaptation of the book, in which Stallone would play an elite hunter named Nathaniel Hunter who is hired by the US military to hunt down a terrifying predator spawned by secret experiments in the Arctic Circle.

This sounds like it would make for a great movie, but it doesn't really fit in the world of Rambo. I'm looking forward to seeing what Stallone does with it! What do you think about this film project?

Here's a description from the book:

Nathaniel Hunter could track anyone -- or anything -- on earth. Now the military desperately needs him for a mission that his ultrasensitive instincts tell him he should refuse. A beast is loose somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. It has already decimated a secret research facility and annihilated a squad of elite military guards. And the raging creature is headed south toward civilization, ready to wreak bloody devastation.

It's a job that Hunter can't turn down, but he soon discovers that his prey is terror incarnate, a half-human abomination created by a renegade agency through a series of outlawed genetic experiments. It has man's cunning, a predator's savageness, and a prehistoric power that has transcended the ages. And even if Hunter survives its unrelenting hunger for human blood, he'll still have to confront the grim reality that it may have grown immortal.

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